Please realise that I really appreciate so much the work and effort you put in giving me the body I have today. I was discussing about it with my husband and he says to me it is good I went ahead with the procedure even without his consent because he is amazed and finds incredible that a fellow man can create a body...which means it is worth every penny spent. Really really appreciate and I will miss seeing you all when my massage days are finished, but will probably find a new treatment to do! Best doctors ever!


I came to the LAC clinique for a medical issue and I felt and enjoyed total support and attention from both doctors. They were very open and supportive and the surgery went very well. They exceeded my expectations in consulting, support and execution!


From the moment I first met Dr Espinoza and Dr Haselbach I knew I had chosen the right clinic for me! I was apprehensive as it had taken me years to pluck up the courage to have my breast and body done and it was a big decision! Dr Espinoza has the most calming disposition, both in his manner and his speaking voice and he immediately made me feel at ease, answering my questions and explaining the procedure clearly. Dr Haselbach was also of great support. The day of my surgery arrived and again I really felt confident that I was in very good hands! The surgery went smoothly and recovery was as expected, I was scared about pain but the medications helped a lot to have a nice pain-free recovery. I really appreciated the visit to check on me on the evening of my surgery and the fact that I was encouraged to contact the surgery at any time if I needed to ask any questions, he even gave me his personal phone number. I am thrilled with my new body just a couple of months after surgery and I know this will continue to improve! I cannot recommend Dr Espinoza, Dr Haselbach and their lovely staff more highly.


Gone for a nose job, very pleased with the result, very natural as I asked for. I was very worried about the result before the surgery, but Dr Espinoza got me a lot of confidence and everything went as promised. Thank you very very much


I have been going for years, mostly for Botulinic toxin every six months, and I loved Ulthera, had great results last year. (Now I decided to take time off and just had a mini-lift with a blepharoplasty, fat transfer and a little -real little - fractional laser around my mouth. Well, the results are perfect. I am so happy. It's been less than two weeks but all the swelling is gone, my eyes are beautiful, the sagging skin disappeared. )I felt in very good hands all the time, Dr Espinoza is highly trained and an excellent plastic surgeon, and the ladies in his team, Géraldine and Anissa, are perfect as well. 
I recommend very much the Center!


Dr Espinoza is the doctor I trust the most. I came in Switzerland with a big problem from a nose procedure done abroad and he managed it so well that let me impressed. I made several consultations before my redo surgery and my case was not easy one, my nose was destroyed and few people were proposing me a solution. Finally came across with this fantastic surgeon and great human being. Thank you so much to bring joy back into my life again.


I've tried several doctors, in my opinion Dr Espinoza is simply the best in town for Botulinic toxin, fillers and so on. Thank you doc!!!


Accueil très chaleureux par les assistantes médicales qui m'ont accompagnée et soutenue lors de l'intervention. Je suis très satisfaite du suivi pré et postopératoire fait par le dr. Haselbach qui a tout de suite compris ce que je souhaitais et qui a été très transparent sur les eventuels risques. L'opération a été réalisée par le dr. Haselbach accompagné du dr. Espinoza. Je suis très contente du résultat.


Un premier rendez-vous qui m'a mise de suite en confiance. Ecoutée et très bien conseillée, je n'ai eu aucun doute à faire les démarches pour mon intervention. La confiance instaurée et le très bon feeling avec le Dr. Haselbach m'ont permis d'aller au bout et cela sans appréhension. Souhaitant une apparence "naturelle" je suis entièrement satisfaite du résultat. Excellent suivi après l'opération. Le personnel est très avenant et professionel.


En plus d'être un excellent chirurgien, le Dr Haselbach est un médecin attentionné et à l'écoute. J'ai eu une super expérience durant toutes les étapes qui ont mené à ma rhinoplastie. Je suis conquise du résultat très naturel, en adéquation totale avec ma demande. En plus de ces bons conseils, j'ai aussi bénéficié de l'oeil expert du Dr. Espinoza, leur collaboration est un réel atout! Je recommande les yeux fermés ces deux chirurgiens chaleureux!


Super docteur, je recommande. J’ai été envoyée par mon médecin traitant pour enlever quelques grains de beauté suspects, ça été fait très rapidement et les cicatrices ont totalement disparu. Je me suis offert après quelques injections de Toxine botulique, je suis trop contente. Un grand merci au Dr Espinoza et à toutes ses assistantes !


Le Dr espinozza est le plus gentil des chirurgiens esthétique que j'ai rencontré. Je suis devenue une habituée. Ma maman et moi on s’est fait opérer par lui le résultat a été excellent (implants mammaires). Il vous écoute et il a vraiment respecté mes choix. Jai aussi eu une lipo et transfert de graisse dans les fesses, trop heureuse. Pour moi sans aucun doute le meilleur chirurgien esthétique de Genève.